kia ora, willkommen, hola…

Welcome to the Funky Green Zone!

The Funky Green Voyager is one of Rotorua’s smallest, coziest, most environmentally friendly hostels.

We are passionate about travelling and keen to provide the kind of backpacker’s lodge that we would love to stay in ourselves.

A comfortable, cozy atmosphere, a beautiful backyard, an awesome kitchen and friendly, helpful staff make our hostel the #1 choice in Rotorua. We will help you with anything! Be it a doctor’s appointment, the best mechanic for your car, a yoga studio or a massage.

We are “Green” because we are environmentally friendly (we are big on recycling, we also use non toxic cleaning and laundry products), have a green building and lots of green grass. We have free parking and barbecue use, a free information office with lots of very good discounts and Wifi is free and unlimited.

Corona Virus prevention measures:

New Office times:

 8am – 1pm

3pm – 8pm

Between 1pm and 3pm the hostel is only open for people that are already checked in!

We have plenty of room, but:

Please be advised though that we can only accommodate you if you have been in the country for at least two weeks and show no symptoms that could be related to the Corona-Virus.

We expect everyone to keep the 1.5m social distance from the staff and fellow guests. Also make sure you wash your hands every time you come back from outside of the hostel!